At the academic awards assembly this year, teachers at my high school had to appear as a US state by department. Language Arts chose Oregon and my hipster persona was born. I wore an iconic flannel, jeans rolled up at the bottom, my favorite beanie, white socks and Tims. But the heart of the outfit? My ironic “Lit English Teacher” t-shirt. You see, I am the AP Lit teacher. So when students started asking about my punny, ironic shirt, I started to realize I had something different to offer my discipline. I make my experience a joy every day – and I know my students enjoy our classroom adventure together because I buy into what I teach.

This site is dedicated to sharing my ideas about the Language Arts classroom and what gets my students engaged. I’ve certainly had my share of what-not-to-dos as well. I hope to offer curriculum and lesson plans,  give insightful teaching advice and strategy, and point out ways to make both impact and excitement in your classroom!

After 21 years in the classroom and growing from a generation with little technology into the overwhelming tech we have today, I feel poised to offer the best from both worlds. My classroom structure works because it is moral, relational, authentic, and relevant. I’ve been accused of being chill with high expectations, of tricking students into learning, and of caring much more than I should. I’ll take every one of those as long as it means students are learning and growing. It has taken a career for me to beg, borrow, steal and apply what I learn from my peers in education. Hopefully, you can steal some of my tricks-of-the-trade and tailor them to your style and keep growing as a educator too!

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